What is the average amount your clients receive?

Motion Unlimited’s clients receive an average refund of $70 000 in non-repayable cash! Contact us to find out how much your company is eligible for.

Is my company going to be reviewed?

About 10% of all businesses are chosen for a technical and financial claim review. Note that this is not a general corporate audit. It involves a small financial component in which they asses only the expenses listed in the refund submission, and a technical assessment in which a government technical advisor reviews the technical merit of the project.

How fast do claims get processed by the government?

Submissions by private corporations are processed in no longer than 120 days, but are often done sooner!

Does Motion Unlimited provide a referral bonus?

Absolutely. To show our appreciation for those who refer us to potential clients, we offer referrers a minimum of $400 if their reference leads to a successful claim. The referral bonus depends on the claim received by the business and the consultant spoken with.

What is your rate of success?

100% – If we say you can claim, you will get the money you deserve.