Motion-UnlimitedFor years our efforts have been focused on providing support to Canadian manufacturers. Motion Unlimited Corp. is not just the name of our company. It is our business philosophy. We believe that if a company has good ideas and is equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools, then there are no boundaries to its journey to success.

Motion Unlimited Corp. is an independent consulting firm and our mission is to help businesses like yours receive government grants for various product development and knowledge base expansion projects.

Many companies don’t even know that they qualify to receive thousands of dollars in funding through special government programs designed to support and encourage Canadian businesses. We want to make sure you are aware of these benefits and can take advantage of them starting today.

One of our most important differentiating factors is the fact that we serve various industries, from metal and wood working companies, to furniture and textile manufacturers. Most recently we have launched a special unit dedicated exclusively to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where claim preparation requires in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition science, combined with mechanical and electrical engineering skills. This unit is comprised of specialists who speak your language and understand your business.

Motion Unlimited Corp. is dedicated to satisfying our current and prospective clients and is committed to providing outstanding customer experience. We have many loyal customers and we really value our long-term business relationships with them. One reason they come back to us or refer other businesses is because we tailor our services to the needs of our clients and provide great flexibility.

Unlike other similar firms, Motion Unlimited places a greater focus on the technical content of the claim, not the accounting component. We give our clients the choice of using our team of professional certified accountants or their in-house accountants.

We know that every single business has different needs. We take the time to meet our clients in person to better understand their business. But more importantly, during these face-to-face visits we help you identify qualifying projects. What may seem as a routine job to you, could be an eligible project to us. Don’t make judgments of your eligibility, let us take care of it.