SRED Program

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is a government administered incentive program designed to facilitate research and development in Canada. The program was developed in the belief that Canadian R&D will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes that will in turn benefit the Canadian economy. This is achieved by rewarding companies who engage in R&D with large sums of non-repayable cash and/or non-refundable credits in the hopes that they will continue to invest in experimentation in the future. The money received represents revenue for corporations, and businesses are therefore free to do what they wish with it! The SR&ED program is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial research and development.

Some business owners, who start the submission process for an SR&ED refund independently, don’t proceed with it, because they find the application too confusing or time-consuming. The process is in fact quite complex, and in most cases the success and the amount of the refund directly depend on how well the application is prepared. Sometimes, one incorrect word or phrase in the project description section of the application could significantly affect the amount of your refund or lead to a complete rejection of your claim. But this is where Motion Unlimited Corp. comes in.

Our expertise in this area will make your application process simple and easy. Motion Unlimited will provide you with professional help and strategic guidance every step of the way – from the preliminary eligibility assessment to the final application preparation and submission.

In fact, the whole process can be summarized in four easy steps.

  1. Initial Assessment – the only way to find out whether your company has eligible projects to claim is to meet with you in person to get all the details about the work you do.
  2. Eligibility Analysis – once we familiarize with the type of activities your company conducts, we assess all of the findings to determine your chances of receiving a refund.
  3. Contract Signing – once we conclude that you have a high possibility of qualifying for the refund, we sign a five-year contract. The terms and conditions of the contract are very transparent and straightforward.
  4. Claim SubmissionMotion Unlimited Corp. prepares and files the claim on your behalf, and we agree that a percentage of the recovered funds are paid to us upon receipt of the government grant.